Civil law

  • contracts – legal advice and counseling, contract drafting, litigating contractual disputes
  • claims regarding violation of personal rights, damages, equitable remedies
  • handling denial of insurance claims
  • legal counseling and representation in divorce and separation proceedings, maintenance agreements (drawing up financial provisions), including drafting custody agreements
  • counseling and representation in non-litigious proceedings (family law, inheritance law, rights in rem (severance, usucapion, claims related to easements, including utility easement)

Labour Law

  • legal representation before the common courts and the Supreme Court
  • legal counseling on labour law

Administrative & Judicial Proceedings

  • Preparing appeals to be heard by the Regional Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court

Criminal Proceedings

  • legal representation of the victim in the role of an auxiliary prosecutor
  • civil claims in criminal proceeding

Trademarks and Patent Law

  • trademarks – registering national, international and community trademarks; disputes before the Polish Patent Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the common courts
  • industrial designs – registering national, international and community industrial designs; disputes before the Polish Patent Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the common courts
  • patents – national registration procedure, disputes to be heard by the Polish Patent Office and the common courts
  • utility models – national registration procedure, disputes before the Polish Patent Office and the common courts
  • project optimisation – drawing up terms and conditions
  • legal opinions in the areas of trademarks and patent law
  • drawing up contracts regarding transfer of rights and licences
  • disputes over the Internet domains
  • examining trademarks, patents and industrial designs for their registrability
  • validity of European patents
  • European patent applications

Copyright and Related Rights

  • legal counsel and advice on copyright and related rights
  • drafting contracts related to copyright and related rights (Contract for specific work, contract for artistic performance, copyright transfer agreements – license agreements, sublicense agreement), in particular for the music, film, TV and advertising industries, copyright settlements
  • legal representation before authors’ societies
  • legal counseling and representation before courts with regard to infringements on copyright and related rights
  • analysis of advertising materials with a view of possible infringement on copyright
  • terms and conditions of the Internet portals in the context of copyright

Press Law and Advertising

  • legal counseling and opinions, drawing up contracts and settlements, representation before the court in case of disputes

Antimonopoly Law, Unfair Competition, Consumer Protection

  • analysis of contractual provisions and commercial practices and their conformity with fair trading regulations (anti-monopoly risk analysis)
  • analysis of contracts, templates and applied sales procedures and their conformity with consumer rights (unfair commercial practices, infringements of the collective consumer interests, abusive contract terms, etc.)
  • legal representation in consumer and anti-monopoly proceedings before The President of The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the common courts
  • evaluation if a transaction features an intention to concentrate that requires registration with The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection; preparation of appropriate submissions
  • evaluation of planned actions and their conformity with Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection law, including: internal audit, compliance program and internal training regarding pricing policy
  • legal representation in cases of anti-competitive agreements, abuse of a dominant position and instances of abuse of collective consumer interest at all stages of proceedings, including drawing up a leniency motion (a motion for the imposition of a reduced fine or fine annulment); motion for a declaratory judgment
  • notifying The President of The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection about an intention to concentrate, legal representation in the procedure
  • examining whether an intention to concentrate must be notified to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • legal analysis and opinions in the field of Unfair Competition Law
  • legal counseling and representation in the proceedings regarding unfair competition, including: deceptive advertising, hindering access to the market, passing off

Pharmaceutical Law

  • advertising of medicinal products
  • advertising of pharmacies
  • issues related to medicinal products trade
  • parallel import of medicinal products
  • new legislation on refunds – primarily in the context of advertising prohibition legislation, ban on incentives for refunded product;, also applications for refunds

Food law

  • Advertising of foodstaffs
  • Labelling of foodstaffs

Public Procurement Law

  • legal opinions on SIWZ (significant terms and conditions of the tender), drafting contracts concluded on the basis of public procurement law, preparation of tender documents
  • legal analysis and opinion on the public procurement law
  • taking actions specified in the procurement law so as to secure client’s position; representation in the proceedings
  • legal representation in disputes regarding contracts concluded under the public procurement law

Public finances

  • legal opinion and representation before appropriate authorities in cases of abuse of public finance


  • drafting bills, regulations and local government law pursuant to applicable legislative techniques

Personal Data Protection

  • preparing files for registration of data filling systems as required by the Inspector General For The Protection Of Personal Data

Canon Law

  • legal counsel before the initiation of church proceedings to annul marriage:
    • establishing a legal basis for the annulment
    • establishing jurisdiction
    • choosing evidence
  • support during the marriage annulment proceedings
  • preparation of pleadings, including: petition for the anullment of marriage, claim against the petition; recourse to denial of the petition; answers to Defender of the Bond, appeal to the second instance and the Roman Rota (3rd instance), appeals against the decree.